Wedding Ceremonies: Celebrant or Registrar?

People often ask me why choose a celebrant when you can get the job done in one go with a registrar?! So I thought I'd write this blog post to remind me! And it's a handy place to send people instead of trying to remember all the reasons myself.


Can't legally marry you.

Writes a personal ceremony for you from scratch that reflects both your personalities and ceremony wishes.

Can include religious and non-religious elements.

Can conduct the ceremony at any location.

Can conduct your ceremony at any time, i.e. evenings and weekends.

You can write your own vows.

Numbers of guests is not restricted.

You can involve children and other family members in your ceremony.


Can legally marry you.

The format of the wedding ceremony sticks to an official procedure and wording, and is not personalised for the couple.

Religious elements, such as prayers or music, are not permitted.

Can only conduct ceremonies at the registrar's office or at pre-approved, licenced premises.

Has set office hours in which they can conduct wedding ceremonies, for example not at weekends or evenings.

You usually are not permitted to write your own vows.

If the ceremony is taking place in the registrar's office, guest numbers will be restricted.

Rituals and involving members of your family in the ceremony is not permitted.

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