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Why choose a Celebrant led wedding?

One of the main reasons couples choose to have a Celebrant-led wedding is the freedom of choice it offers for the entire day, from start to finish. A Celebrant-led service is a more personalised way to reflect a couple's feelings towards each other, and the journey they have taken to reach their wedding day.

A Celebrant-led wedding allows you:

  • The freedom to choose your venue (it doesn't have to be a wedding-licenced venue or one pre-approved by a registrar).
  • To write your own vows.
  • To include personalised rituals or symbols that mean something to you (like a sand ceremony or handfasting).
  • To include personal readings that can read by friends and family.
  • The freedom to include a mix of religious and non-religlious elements, a particular prayer you like, for example, or religious music.
  • To indulge in a themed wedding of your choice and thread this theme through the ceremony and readings.
  • To make an entrance! The format of the ceremony is up to you - walk down the aisle individually, together, with your best friend, or your children. Do this to your favourite rock song or a wedding march. The possilbities are up to you.
  • To enjoy a tailor-made ceremony written with your reflections and ideas threading through it.

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