What my couples are saying ...

"We couldn’t have gotten a better ceremony if we tried. Rebecca really brought meaningfulness to the word intimate. From start to finish she created a ceremony that was fully based on us and our children, without it getting boring. Involving the children in the ceremony made it all the better.”

“It exceeded our expectations. Absolutely fabulous.”

“It was much better than expected, we wanted something personal to us and this ticked every box. It completely allowed us to create the wedding we wanted and Rebecca did a superb job delivering the ceremony.”

“It couldn’t have depicted us any better. Rebecca really got to know us as people and as a couple. The ceremony really captured who we are as a partnership.”

"Very happy. We were both very comfortable and enjoyed our time chatting to Rebecca. It was all extremely personal.”

“Rebecca couldn’t have given us a more perfect, personal wedding. She was amazing throughout the whole process and we were blown away by the ceremony.”

“Just a huge thanks from Janna & I for the perfect wedding.”

"Rebecca was phenomenal! We live in the states and having a wedding in a different country can be daunting especially around communication and getting everything scheduled. From the first phone call to the wedding, working with Rebecca as the officiant was amazing. She got to know us and tailored the ceremony to our needs. She brought helpful insights and made the ceremony exactly what we wanted!"

“Rebecca is a amazing celebrant, she went through things so clearly and made our experience very easy and simple, she made the ceremony so special. We thank you so much for everything you have done for us. I would really recommend Rebecca as she was amazing and knew exactly what we wanted and made our day so special.”

“The ceremony was a true reflection of us as a couple. Rebecca most definitely made our day so special and did it just the way we wanted, even better.”

“Rebecca was amazing through the ceremony, she did a perfect job of celebrating our day.”

“Rebecca, we were so delighted you could conduct our ceremony, it was everything we wanted and more. Your attention to detail was amazing, your easy going approach and the love you put into our ceremony was just amazing.”

“Rebecca had us off, it felt like she knew us all our lives.”

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