Making an Entrance

Brides, and grooms, will want to make an entrance at their wedding - in other words, for the wedding entrance to be a memorable and exciting moment.

Here are 6 suggestions for making your wedding entrance glow:

Walk down the aisle

The traditional way of making a wedding entrance is by walking down an aisle. You can choose to walk alone or have someone escort you, such as your father, mother, close friend or other member or your family.

Janna & Shane

Use props

Make a statement by using props for your entrance. For example, arriving in a horse-drawn carriage, a vintage car, or on a motorbike.

If your wedding is themed, you can use this to create a show-stopping entrance. Think carnival procession, circus parade, magicians or conjurers - with a Celebrant-led ceremony, anything is possible!

Dance your way in

A fun way to get the party started is to choreograph a dance routine to get you up the aisle. This can apply to the groom and groomsmen as well as brides and bridesmaids.

Make a grand entrance

For a dramatic entrance, how about arriving in a helicopter or hot air balloon. This option will leave a lasting impression on your guests (and makes great photos!)


Create a tunnel of light

Have your guests hold sparklers or glow sticks to create a tunnel of light for you and your partner to walk through, either at the beginning or end of the ceremony.

What happens if you can't make an entrance?

In some cases if your ceremony space is outdoors, on a beach or woodland for example, an entrance from outside the door of your ceremony space may not be possible. Opting for a scenic procession to the ceremony spot can be made an integral part of the event, or a path marked by shells or lanterns.


Whatever you choose, your wedding entrance should reflect your personality and style as a couple. Have fun, make it memorable, make it glow and make it yours!