Small Ceremony, Same Impact!

Don’t worry if the big wedding you dreamed of isn’t looking like an option over the next few years. With a recession looming and a rise in the cost of living, how can couples plan effectively for their wedding ceremonies? One really good way to keep within a tighter or lower budget is with a Celebrant-led ceremony.

Going down the Celebrant ceremony route allows couples to organise a bespoke, or tailor-made, ceremony with complete control over guest numbers, venue, ceremony location, decoration and what happens next!

Choosing a Celebrant-led wedding ceremony caters for intimate and boutique weddings, in smaller spaces that have been designed to offer an exclusive experience for wedding couples. Celebrants can conduct their ceremonies anywhere – the premises doesn’t have to be licensed or registered with the HSE.

This opens up the possibility of considering your own house, a friend’s house, your local restaurant or bar, an outdoor venue, or a small boutique venue like a theatre, celebrating your day with the people who matter the most.

In other words, a less costly venue with a smaller number of guests, but with all the personal and magical touches you always dreamed of.

Photo courtesy of Caitlin Higgason