How to Get Married in Ireland

Whether you have opted for a church wedding, a registrar or a Celebrant-led ceremony, there are a few things you may want to check off before you hit the aisle running!

The 3 Month's Notice Thing

However you plan on getting married, all couples must give at least three months’ notice of the intention to marry to a registry office (the marriage notification appointment).

The registry office will give you a postal marriage notification form. Complete and return it by post or email it back to them.

You will then be able to book a marriage notification appointment.

To make this appointment you can follow the link here:

The registry office you have this meeting in does not have to be in your local area or the area in which you are getting married.

When you make the appointment with the registrar, you will be told what information and documents to bring with you.

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If everything is in order, the registrar will give you a Marriage Registration Form ( or MRF). The MRF is like a marriage licence and you will need it to have your legal marriage ceremony.

The MRF is also needed to register your marriage after you get married.

If you have all the required documentation for your marriage notification appointment, the registrar may be able to issue the MRF there and then.

If the marriage does not take place within 6 months of the date of marriage given on the MRF, a new MRF will be required if you still intend to marry.

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Celebrant-led Ceremony

If you are intending to proceed with a Celebrant-led wedding ceremony, you do not need to be legally married, nor do you need to give three month's notice to a registrar. This is only required for a legal marriage ceremony.

For those couples who wish to also be legally married, an appointment with a registrar can be booked for the same day as the Celebrant ceremony or very close to it.

For example, if it suited you and your guests best to have your wedding at the weekend, you and your fiance could complete the legal ceremony during the week and have your big celebration ceremony at the weekend.

Or, if you are living abroad and need to get married there, but want to celebrate with friends and family in Ireland, you can complete the legal paperwork in your country of residence and have your Celebrant ceremony at home in Ireland.